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Code::Blocks DC Dev
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version R2
Downloads Installer
Release Date 3/14/2008
Author fackue
Active Yes

This development environment installs on top of Code::Blocks using a Nullsoft installer and a automatic configurator that configures the Dreamcast compilers. Officially, Code::Blocks 8.02 is only supported.

What's new

  • GDB is setup and working
  • bin2o program (located in the "Tools" menu)
  • MinGW 3.4.6 toolchain
  • KOS updated to revision 561
  • KOS built in MinGW
  • dc-tool IP and Serial included and built in MinGW (/kos/utils/dc-tool)
  • scramble has been included (/kos/utils/scramble)
  • SDL headers and lib issues has been resolved
  • Option to compress the toolchain using UPX


  • JMD (R1 used his bin2odc)
  • pnpbios (original CodeBlocks for DC tutorial)
  • Harley (dc-tool IP MinGW)
  • GPF (help with GDB)
  • BlueCrab (help with MinGW toolchain)
  • BlackAura (used his MinGW build script as reference)


R1 (Sept 09, 2007)

  • Initial release