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UPDATE January 2020 -- DCEmulation is currently under a transition -- if you cannot find the information you're looking for on this wiki, please search here instead: https://dreamcast.wiki/

As usual, the DCEmulation forums, now the oldest active Dreamcast development community, are available for discussion and lots of useful Dreamcast information.

I'll post some updates here too while the transition is going:

Driving Strikers Online Demo Released

The first homebrew game to take advantage of online multiplayer is now available to download as a demo! Featuring cross-platform play with Dreamcast, Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi clients, Driving Strikers is a fun, fast-paced soccer game played with cars. The Dreamcast client supports both Broadband Adapter and dialup modem (or DreamPi) connectivity. Check out the trailer on YouTube and then download the demo for yourself!

Summoning Signals Demo Released

lerabot has released a new demo for his game Summoning Signals:

Discover the dyschronic world of Summoning Signals and help Bertholet in his strange journey. You will soon discover that this planet's timeline is quite different from your own. New technology and old ruins are a common sight in Summoning Signals. Meet with the planet's elusive inhabitants, repair your ship and escape before the fabled Minotaur finds you.

Simulant Engine 20.09 Stable Released

kazade has released the 20.09 version of the Simulant Game Engine, marking the first stable release of the engine on a new 3 month release cycle. This release includes improved skeletal animations, a new from-scratch re-implementation of the ALdc OpenAL audio API, an improved "alias" API, a new StageNode::destroy_after method, a brand new .ms3d export plugin for Blender, as well as various other bug fixes.

In The Line Of Fire Source Code Release

PH3NOM has released the source code and assets for his cancelled Dreamcast game, In The Line of Fire, as he has committed to the decision to not return to development of the game in the future. Check out his post on the message board.

Dreamcast Hi-Res Video Modes

Moopthehedehog has managed to get higher resolution modes working in homebrew software as part of his DreamHAL hardware abstraction library. A wide variety of modes are available and all have been tested on at least 5 different LCD monitors! In addition, true HDTV-compliant 720p60 mode is working as well. For more information with a detailed explanation, check out Moop's forum post here!.

RetroDream Game Loader released

RetroDream is a file manager and game loader for the sega dreamcast gaming console. It can browse hard drive (g1-ide, g1-ata) and sdcard for your games, and more capabilities are to come. It's an alternative to the popular DreamShell application.


view github

Simulant Alpha 3 Release

kazade has posted an Alpha 3 Release of Simulant! 382 files changed, 12986 insertions(+), 7013 deletions(-). Check out the list of new features.

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