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I'm not quite sure why anyone would really want to know about me, but in case they do here's a page.

Dreamcast Projects

  • ljsdcdev RPG - A 2D RPG engine for Dreamcast and other targets (no longer maintained).
  • ljsdcgen - A port of the Genesis emulator Generator to the Dreamcast with SDL (no longer maintained).
  • DCRPG - An enigma (no longer maintained).
  • Yabause - A Sega Saturn Emulator, ported to the Dreamcast.
  • CrabEmu - A Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, ColecoVision, CHIP-8, and NES emulator.
  • KallistiOS - A homebrew SDK for the Dreamcast. Used by many other homebrew projects, including all the ones listed above.

Dreamcast-related Projects

  • Sylverant - An open-source server for the Phantasy Star Online series of games.