Ngine SNES9x

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Ngine SNES9x
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version V0.40
Downloads Disk Juggler


Binary Only

Release Date 04/25/04
Author Tubooboo
Based on Snes9x / Ngine Format
Systems Emulated SNES
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

Developer: Tubooboo

Version: 0.40

Last Updated: 03-22-01

A multiplatform operating system that is easy to port games to a different operating system and platforms. This specifically is a Snes9x Port using this Ngine format.

Ngine-snes9x1.jpg Ngine-snes9x3.jpg

Status: 50% to 80% speed depending on the game. No sound.

Old Versions

Disk Juggler Old version .30a

Nero Old version .30a