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Latest Version 1.1
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Release Date 09/19/2001
Author Josh
Active Yes

JPAMP3 allows you to play MPEG1 layer3 (MP3) files stored on a PC Hard Disk through your Dreamcast via the Broadband Adaptor. It has been tested with Bladeenc, Lame, and MusicMatch encoded files. MPEG2 and MPEG2.5 are also supported, though untested.

Burning Info

( Check Readme File First!! )


  1. Extract files from Jpamp3 directory on JPAMP3 floppy disc on to hard disk.
  2. Boot Dreamcast with JPAMP3 CD. Obtain the MAC address of the Dreamcast (6 hex numbers on screen).
  3. Edit the runmp3.bat file. Change the MAC address and IP addresses in the file.
  4. Edit the jpamp3.cfg file. Change the pathname to your default path. Can include drive letters eg D:\MP3
  5. Execute runmp3.bat. Dreamcast should auto boot.