3D Invaders

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3D Invaders
3D Invaders
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Pre-Release
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 05/06/2002
Author Axlen
Type of game 3D Asteroids Clone
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


Quote via Axlen, the developer of 3D Invaders:

'Here is a "get the feel" of play pre-release version of 3D Invaders. This is the game I'm working on for submission to the DCEmu Programming Contest. There is no scoring and only one level. No menu, and no background music yet. I've included the source for completeness, but It's built against the current KOS-CVS with the local addition of a yet to be commited NURBS library.'

3D Invaders 3D Invaders

'Thanks to Dr. Zoidberg for making the DiskJuggler and Nero images.'