Earthcall is a homebrew open source server for Planet Ring. This is the official forum for both the online game server as well as the open source project itself. Meet other players, report bugs, and have fun!

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Post by Neoblast » Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:37 pm


This software is a free, open source server for Sega Dreamcast's Planet Ring.

The program comes with no guarantee and isn't error free. It will however,
be updated in a somewhat regular basis to improve reliability.

It should work on all Unix systems as well as Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

In order to compile/run this software you need SDL, SDL_Net and SQLite libraries.

It is licensed by the AGPLv3 of GNU, a copy of the license should be bundled within
every release.

This server is in no way affiliated to SEGA.
Planet Ring, its contents and the rest of its trademarks belong to SEGA and their respective owners.

If you like this software, would like to give some productive feedback, have some
nice ideas for the server or new TEML possible uses please contact us at !!


First you need to make sure your router doesn't block any connections so you need
to open the following ports in your router's NAT configuration:


- 7641 TCP -> Main server
- The ports range from 7648 to 7654 UDP -> Attraction, users and other data handling
- 8001 TCP -> TEML requests

For the clients, you should also open port range 1000-2000 UDP for the voip calls.

You have to make sure the system folder is in the same directory as the main executable

The first time you run the server, the database file "Earthcall.db" will be created if
it doesn't exist. This will include user accounts data and info for the games.

Then you'll have to edit the server config in the database, change serverip
in the "config" table, as well as the max tables for the server. Then run it again.

Enabling debug will make the server output a lot of verbose for almost each packet
or database query sent.
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