Giana's Return - World 1 betatesting video

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Giana's Return - World 1 betatesting video

Post by Juan » Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:16 pm

Today we got a 10 minutes video showing the entire first world, consisting of 8 stages and a boss.

Source: Giana's Return Progress Blog
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Re: Giana's Return - World 1 betatesting video

Post by Christuserloeser » Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:16 pm

Looking very good, but there are a few things that I think could be improved:

(I hope that Kojote reads this)

1. (and most important:) the jumping sound effect! - I would recommend to use one similar to the C64 version, the current one from the Amiga version is just awful.

Here's a video of the C64 version:

2. 8 stages using one and the same graphical theme is just waaaay too much. Why not having an easy/normal/hard mode with a different number of stages ?

3. Grey, dark green and... brown ? o_O ...where's the purple from the earlier beta screenshots ? Why would one choose these uninspired dark colors ?

Image Image

4. I really like the music but two themes + boss track for 8 stages gets old VERY quickly. Again, I propose to offer easy/normal/hard modes with less stages.

Also, where is the tune from the preview/trailer video ?

5. I see way too many trees... - I liked the pipes from the original and the earlier betas. Where are they ? :|
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Re: Giana's Return - World 1 betatesting video

Post by Sweater Fish » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:44 pm

The only one of christuserloeser's points that I really agree about it is the color choices. The purple bricks look much better. They definitely enhance the stormy theme you're developing for the first world.

Otherwise I like the looks of this a lot.

I think you may be overusing the foreground layer. Having your character and the enemies obscured by foreground objects leads to a lot of unecessary frustration. Difficulty should come from good level design, not cheap tricks like enemies you can't see because they're behind a rock.

Also, how will the fireballs/lightning work in this version? They don't seem to bounce like they did in the original game and the earlier version of Giana's return released a few years ago. That was a great concept and I hope you haven't abandoned it for this version as it can really add a lot to the gameplay if the level design takes proper advantage of it.

I can't wait for a release. Try not to bludgeon us with videos, though. I don't want to see the entire game being played before I ever get a chance to play it myself (so "don't watch any more of the movies we release," right?)

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