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Seaman on Retropie

Post by CerMakAlot » Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:07 pm

Hi guys!

New to the forum/DC Emu scene, but I recently upgraded my Retropie Rpi3 to the Rpi4b, and I'm excited to see that Dreamcast is back on the menu!

Many, many years ago I bought a Dreamcast from a friend and one of the games I loved most was the incomparable Seaman. On this new Rpi4b set up I was able to get the game running well (solid 30fps with sound enabled!) but I do have one issue — and with this game it's a rather major one — I can't get a microphone to work!

To be clear, I enabled a microphone in slot 2 of the controller in the Reicast emulator menu, the game "detects" it and allows me to start the game, but what I'm hoping to achieve is having an actual working microphone in order to play the game as intended, which involves talking to Seaman. Is microphone support a feature on the Retropie version of Reicast? From Googling the issue I've seen some posts saying that the Android version of Reicast DOES support this.

I've tested an Xbox 360 controller with the microphone adapter plugged in, but as I suspected, it did not work. Any advice for me? Or am I simply out of luck?

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