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Next Update Expectations

Post by Ajijang » Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:44 am

Hi again, guys. I have so many thoughts on what would the next update be. As for the unstable release for now, there are a lot of bug fixes and interesting stuffs but there are Reicast features that remained unfunctional. Anyway, these are my thoughts for the future update of the emulator:
1. Most games graphical issues fix - For satisfying gaming experience
2. Functional disc swapping as well as VMU - As I have noticed in playing reicast, I just played a game that requires 2nd disc to be boot in order to play the rest of the game but in reality, you need to quit the reicast emulaor in order to boot the second disc manually (not in-game but in emulator itself).
3. More smooth games - We all know that our phones today are about 4x times faster than a raw dreamcast console itself but I noticed while playing RE: Code Veronica, in some parts of the games, the fps dropped so hard that it actually lags but the game is still playable. We all hope that issue will also be fixed in the next update.
4. More accurate frame counter - I just started playing Reicast but the fps display only shows "XX" and I don't know why, is it just me or it is a bug?
5. More controller layout - Actually I hate the square analog layout of the emulator but you can manuever overtime while playing but the squared analog layout is a little bit lame for me.

That's what I expect in the r9 update very soon, I hope none of the developers would get offended by me because I am just saying suggestion for better gaming quality of the reicast emulator.

The reicast emulator is very playable emulator compared to Damon PS2, and most of the games are playable (Actually I just finished the game Resident Evil Code Veronica) despite of graphical issues. Very satisfied, honestly. Though, it needs more improvements regarding it's bugs for more satisfaction in mobile phone gaming. You have my fullest support and respect, developers. <3
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