Reicast and Nvidia Shield TV

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Reicast and Nvidia Shield TV

Post by Gryzor » Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:12 am

Hello! New here :)

I was just given a Shield (2017, Nougat), and what better way to use 256 Cuda cores than playing some Puyo Puyo Fever doubles with my SO? :D

So I installed Reicast from Play Store, after fiddling a bit it ran perfectly. Then I pulled the HDD with my retro archives and copied all the disk images I want to play over to a USB stick which was successfully mounted.

...and that's where I got stuck. What is the path I must enter for the external USB? I tried /storage/sdcard2/path, /storage/USBname/path but it doesn't pick up the BIOS or disk images.

I also installed the latest debug version, reicast-android-debug-8a68020.apk, but upon launch it gave me a library error message (I can't replicate it so I can't copy it here) and I can't enter the options at all - just stuck at the images browser.

Can anyone help? I'm desperate for some Under Defeat action...

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