[GC] Aurelli's Custom Effects (Proof of Concept/WIP)

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[GC] Aurelli's Custom Effects (Proof of Concept/WIP)

Post by Aurelli » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:55 pm

This is something I've been tinkering with off and on throughout the years...
I figured since I've been more interested in PSO lately, I'd go ahead and post it here. (I don't THINK I already have...!)

This is basically a graphical modification that causes several particle effects to look and behave differently from how they originally did, much like the Sparkle Patch for Version 2. (In fact, these were possibly made the same way)

MOST of the edits made were simply done so out of personal curiosity, mostly in an effort to enhance some effects I felt would simply look cooler if they behaved differently. Others are kind of slapped in as proof of concept/experimentation that I just haven't gone further with yet, so there are some inconsistencies here...

Since I play on an actual console and my capture card only supports composite video, I'm not going to bother linking a crappy video, it would just look like really colorful fuzz. Instead, I'll provide some screenshots in a gallery for now.

You can download this mod by clicking here.

There is no readme file or anything similar included, just the file itself, so I'll just slap the instructions here.

Installing it works very similarly to several other mods/patches available here, except for the fact that this file is already patched.
You'll want to open your file in GCRebuilder as if you were going to apply most patches found around here, except you will NOT use PSOV3.dol.
Instead, you simply want to locate "Particleentry.dat" in your ISO, and import this one in its place. Once you've done that, continue as usual, and you should be good to go.
Also, please note: This file will work properly ONLY in the Gamecube versions, and is not compatible with any other version of PSO without further modifications!

If there is interest, I look forward to working on this some more and taking custom requests from you guys if anyone wants.
(Delays will be a thing though, mostly because of babysitting, work, and a wonky sleep schedule!)
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