[GC] Hero & Daughter

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[GC] Hero & Daughter

Post by Aleron Ives » Wed Sep 30, 2015 4:24 pm

Download Quest

Required memory card blocks: 9

A secret
request from
the Principal.
What could
he want?

Client: Principal
I have a personal
request that I
want to make.
Reward: ??? Meseta


I have finished my project to port this quest to GC. The quest is a compilation of all the Episode I Government quests from BB into a single mission that spans every area and boss. Although there are 15 Government quests in total, most of them aren't really new quests at all and simply contain clones of the freeplay maps, meaning that you start in the same spot, end at the same spot, follow the same route, and kill the same enemies in those "quests" that you would if you weren't playing a quest at all. This may have made sense on BB, since it allows you to join quests that are in progress, but it doesn't make any sense to port all of them to GC. Instead, I've taken the unique maps from each quest and put them together into a single mission. Most floors contain a single "regular" room, and then you warp into a darkened room with lots of enemies before moving on to the next floor.

If anyone cares, these are where the maps came from:

Forest 1: 1-3
Forest 2: 1-2
Cave 1: 2-1
Cave 2: 2-2
Cave 3: 2-3
Mine 1: 3-1
Mine 2: 3-2
Ruins 1: 4-1
Ruins 2: 4-3
Ruins 3: 4-4

The Forest 1 map is a clone of one of the freeplay maps, but it's one that you can't get in offline mode, so that works out well. The others are from the second iteration of that floor in each quest (the second Cave 1 in 2-1, the second Cave 2 in 2-2, etc.).

Also note that unlike the direct Government quest ports, this quest will not harm your save data, because it uses a protection method similar to the one found in "Seat of the Heart". In order to play it, you must beat Dark Falz offline in the difficulty that you want to use for playing the quest. If you haven't beaten Dark Falz yet, the quest will kick you out until you do. This prevents the problems associated with other quests that contain bosses which can prevent you from unlocking areas and difficulty levels.

As is the case with most of my quests, there is also a hidden side quest, but you must meet very specific requirements in order to access it, so it is likely that you won't be able to find it on all of your characters. Even so, it does exist. :)

"Fear the HUnewearl."
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