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Sylverant is a homebrew open source server for Phantasy Star Online. Dreamcast users still play PSO online with this server even today! This is the official forum for both the online game server as well as the open source project itself. Feel free to post and get a gathering started online! We can also show you how to get connected!

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Re: Sylverant Feature Suggestions

Post by BlueCrab » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:20 pm

I should point out though that the /minlvl and /maxlvl commands do not take the current team into account -- that is to say that it is entirely possible to make it so that you make the team so that if someone leaves that they can't rejoin.

For instance, the server will let you do a "/minlvl 20" followed by a "/maxlvl 40" with a team that contains players at level 7, 12, 60, and 200, even though nobody is between the specified levels. It won't try to kick anyone out or anything, but obviously that team would not be rejoinable by anyone if they were to leave.

Also, you can't use /minlvl to set a lower level than the difficulty you're playing on calls for. The server will not let you do "/minlvl 1" on a team playing in Hard difficulty, for instance.
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Re: Sylverant Feature Suggestions

Post by Nico0020 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 2:17 am

Yea, took a bit of google searching to find a list of commands. I was totally unaware this was a thing, but I am very happy it is.

Sometimes people say okay and leave when I ask them if they have a lower level character, other times they just can't comprehend that I don't want a lvl 100+ in my hard mode game :headbash:
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