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Sylverant is a homebrew open source server for Phantasy Star Online. Dreamcast users still play PSO online with this server even today! This is the official forum for both the online game server as well as the open source project itself. Feel free to post and get a gathering started online! We can also show you how to get connected!

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Re: PSO Questions & Answers

Post by redclad » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:47 pm

Hello, I will ask a question on behalf of a friend who is not confident enough in his English level.

So, he owns two copies of pso GC and two Wii consoles. He wants to know if he can play both games at the same time online on Sylverant.
And by that, I mean that he is asking if it is technically possible (with a single sylverant account) and if it is allowed. I didn't see any mention of a rule related to that but I apologize if I simply missed it.

He told me that he wants to do that to open doors requiring two characters on switches.

Thank you in advance for the reply.
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Re: PSO Questions & Answers

Post by BlueCrab » Thu Feb 13, 2020 6:58 am

As long as he has two serial number and access keys, then yes, he can play both at the same time. He would have to register both copies on the Sylverant website (they can be on the same account), and do all the other setup needed to get PSO to work on a Wii -- but yes, it will work.
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