OpenBoR v2.2038

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DCEmu Commie
DCEmu Commie
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OpenBoR v2.2038

Post by Juan » Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:33 pm

The good folks at LavaLit bring us an update to the open source Beats of Rage engine featuring amongst other things:
  • New animation stances
  • Better control of "juggle" hits, aereal and ground
  • Single mod autoloading
  • Bug fixes
Downloads are available to registered LavaLit users.

Source: LavaLit forums (thanks to Maturion for the heads up).
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DCEmu Nutter
DCEmu Nutter
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Re: OpenBoR v2.2038

Post by Dreamcast4life » Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:16 am

Did anyone ever release a OpenBOR multi pak loader? I read that someone was working on one a while back. I have this awesome Splatterhouse Mod and I want to put all three episodes on 1 DC disc if I could.
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Re: OpenBoR v2.2038

Post by Christuserloeser » Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:39 am

Try this one:

cuchara wrote: Finally is here !!!
Splatterhouse - Deception of the Mask Dreamcast compilation is here !!!

3 Splatter games in NTSC and PAL put together in one disc

The only diference between Windows version and DC version is in SH3 BtL in the final stage of the DC version there isn´t electric storm and flashing pentagram thats all, because slow down framerate

Download Links: ... ogy-DC.rar
Cover and galery art ... VERART.rar

if someone want to upload on lavalit, do it please!!
and remember DC version do not have SAVE feature and the first game SH1 DotM is very long...

I would like to thank:
Atilio Gambedotti - illustrator
Christuserloeser - for made the Dreamcast compilation
Sieger - Dreamcast and PC cover designer
NAMCO, Senile Team, Lavalit and DCEvolution !!!

Some links:
Atilio Gambedotti´s Blog
my blog about this trilogy

Enjoy it !!!!

- Just uploaded it to Lavalit's download section (DCEvo's BoR section is currently still WIP). Will do a newspost about it asap.
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