Openbor Dreamshell compatible SD with src

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Ian Micheal
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Openbor Dreamshell compatible SD with src

Post by Ian Micheal » Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:36 am

Beta5 with custom boot loader bin2bin Should fix loading on a real dreamcast For all the people having trouble use this
link ... ZXlkxBX1G-

use's 1.5 meg less memory binsize now 1meg beta 4 was 1.6

Beta 4
Thank's to megavolt85 For His src change's and patches Does not work on some dreamcast's

Beta 4 link ... c9Zsl5wu9T

Scrambled bin Plainfiles compiled bin with Src code patch's from megavolt85
Scrambled is for selfboot cd for dreamcast, and emulator's NULLDC etc's.. You need to unscramble them for dreamshell.. Also make, the CDI ISO data/data.Not audio/data that will not work.

This is the .rar of the software to make the .iso files to boot on the DC-SD DreamShell adapter!kuA3nShS!Ch_lz9HCMn7O ... 6I5-nyF1kY

-- SD Dreamshell version
-- Uses less memory then before <Confirmed by IVAN GR> BBA Test
-- Correctly now playing music track's ? could be src patch's ?
-- More speed Framerate Up to 5fp
NEW LINK ALIEN"S CLASH SD ISO TESTED working By my freind, DiGiPunX for Testing it on Dreamshell
openbor engine pc game ,is by BloodBane . I did not make this game, all credit to BloodBane..!XnQmGSqZ!ufQsDkLLkHHH ... sDgY7CkzHU

We have finally, got OPENBOR dc port loading on Dreamshell SD card.. it took src change's to kos and the engine Thanks to megavolt85 for his src code patch's it's working great :smiley: This is Alien's clash Really good Shooter platform game 2 in one also a full Sidescrolling shooter with end level boss fight's muti Directional firing .. Pretty cool ON a Beat's of rage engine.. Dont feel like a bor game at all


Progress made

-- Faster GIF animation and FPS
-- Faster frame rate
-- Faster file loading
-- Now load's on NullDC emulation
-- Malloc Debug turned of in Kos toolchain - May save memory - for loading small files <Thank's to a post by Blackaura>
-- Will not crash loading 32bit 16 bit sprite's - they are displayed in the wrong colour Save's memory 8bit colour's
-- Full Opt- Speed compiler flag's Debugg off
-- SD Dreamshell loading ( megavolt85 SRC PATCH ) Testing By my freind ( DiGiPunX )
-- Now load's on nulldc filecache.c src change Did not load on nulldc before
List Future change's
-- Video scale hires
-- Video playing lib ? Roq ?
--Full control of unloading sprite's and sound's porting change's update's down to 4.111 DC safe
--Full pvr dma rending
-- optimize auto memory managment for dreamcast spec's
-- ???
Full source code > Please help, all help welcome/.
Openbor DC Is no longer updated, or supported by the creator's , that's why I'm trying my best to improve it. All credit to all the dev's in the past That worked on it, and made change's I'm not taking credit for any of it.
I'm trying to fix problem's that have been reported to me.
Link for full source code ... Ah-rVmYqLL

To compile the source you need to change kos and rebuild with these change

Original KOS cdrom.c

Code: Select all

/* Initialize: assume no threading issues */
int cdrom_init() {
    uint32 p;
    volatile uint32 *react = (uint32 *)0xa05f74e4,
                     *bios = (uint32 *)0xa0000000;

    /* Reactivate drive: send the BIOS size and then read each
       word across the bus so the controller can verify it. */
    *react = 0x1fffff;

    for(p = 0; p < 0x200000 / sizeof(bios[0]); p++) {
patched KOS cdrom.c

Code: Select all

/* Initialize: assume no threading issues */
int cdrom_init() {
    uint32 p;
    volatile uint8 *bios = (uint32 *)0xa01fffff;

    (void) *bios;

make clean and rebuild kos ..

Gdrom.c In the bor engine..

Code: Select all

#define GDROM_READBUFFER_P2 ((char*)(((((int)gdrom_readbuffer)|0x1F)+1)&0x0FFFFFFF))
With these change's to kos it still load's cdr's

If you have any problem's compiling it let me know..
Thanks to all the staff at dcemulation , for such a fine forum..
aliens clash plat.shooter.png
aliens clash plat.png
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Re: Openbor Dreamshell compatible SD with src

Post by law56ker » Sat Feb 29, 2020 5:49 pm

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