2006 Poll Forum Rules Update(2005 Polls):Read Before Posting

Dreamcast Emulation and Homebrew Annual "Players' Poll" Forum
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2006 Poll Forum Rules Update(2005 Polls):Read Before Posting

Post by impetus » Fri Jan 30, 2004 12:21 am

Poll Forum Rules

The Dreamcast Emulation Annual "Players' Poll" Forum! Open for a short time, after which the "winners" names will be set in Dreamcast history forever.

There are a few guidelines to go by here:

  • The first few days/couple weeks of the 2005 Poll are dedicated to nominations in each topic rather than the actual voting. This will occur later when the top nominations are put to vote.

    Only admin or forum mods can start new polls. If you have a poll topic idea, post it here.

    Gernerally, any member may nominate for any category regardless of join date, but must have joined before 2006 to vote.

  • Voting is only open to members who registered on or before December 31, 2005 for 2005 topics. Developers are exempt from this rule.

    To help staff tabulate the polls this year, we're going to try doing phpBB polls rather than vocal polls. The rules above still apply, we're just hoping people abide by them via the honor system.

    You may post who you voted for in the topic, and it is much appreciated if you do, as it helps tabulate whether the votes were genuine or not. Posting is not necessary, however.

    IMPORTANT: Because of the change in the poll system this year, the topics will no longer have multiple votes. For those poll nominations which had multiple questions, the poll questions have been split into two parts.

    You may still write-in votes, the write in will be added to the poll questions if time permits.

    Certain topics may have additional rules.

    If you happen to have multiple usernames, you may only vote using one, regardless of join date.
Flaming or ridiculing will not be tolerated.

All general DC Emu rules and guidelines apply in this forum.

I hope this is a fun way to discuss the homebrew community, demonstrate good-natured competitiveness, and honor the coders and other people who make this community great.

Written by impetus - 30 Jan 2004
updated 22 Feb 2005
updated again 04 May 2006
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Post by Lunchbox » Tue Mar 09, 2004 2:52 pm

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