Porting HLSDK Client.dll to Windows CE?

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Doctor Dan
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Porting HLSDK Client.dll to Windows CE?

Post by Doctor Dan » Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:34 am

I've been looking into the inner workings of half-life for dreamcast and windows ce for quite awhile now, this post pertains to the latest post here http://assemblergames.com/l/threads/hal ... ost-911570

It would be really, really awesome if someone here wanted to compile client.dll (and hl.dll since they both rely on a bunch of the same source files) for Windows CE Dreamcast

Someone did port hl.dll already, but it was not very clean and it took a bunch of hacks from someone else to get it to compile for me to test

Without reiterating the stuff in the assemblergames thread too much, the "startgame" command on HLDC is the equivelent to the "gamedir" command on PC. Which changes what mod you're playing from Half-Life to CS or other mod. "startgame" seems to do all the same things like so
It also changes the menu images, and maybe menu text, if you have the corresponding menu textures and langtags.txt

If client.dll can be ported/compiled with some noticeable change to know it works, I really want to test if "startgame" will load it. If it does then it's an entry point to allow vast modification. If it doesn't work, then we know it will not work (without hacks)

So pretty much this is completely for science
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