Rez Prototype Released!

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Rez Prototype Released!

Post by Sultan of Saturn » Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:43 am

Several years ago, I read an article on Gamasutra about the only American working for Tetsuya Mizuguchi at UGA back in the days when Sega & the Dreamcast were king. He talked about the ups and downs working during this period as well as how Rez evolved into the game it is today. In its earlier stages of development, there was different music as well as level art, etc. When I got to thinking about how much I enjoyed Rez, I thought about how cool it would be to actually see this in action. Although, the odds of that ever happening were slim to none.

This past week on Kotaku - a great gaming site if I may say - there was an article & video displayed concerning Rez Prototype. Originally called by names such as K-Project, Project Eden, and Vibes, this game is one that had many hardcore gamers salivating at the mouth. However, it did not do so hot in sales - which is a travesty. I really think this game would be great to have as a portable game like on the PSP.

Below, please check out the links that include the gamasutra article from back in the days, the kotaku article which has an embedded link to the video, and the link to the video off of youtube.

Keep the Dream Alive,


Feature: 'Go To Synesthesia… Jake Kazdal’s Journey Through The Heart Of Rez' ... story=5451

Dreamcast Rez Beta "K-Project" Released ... t-released

Youtube Video of Beta - there are more on youtube

So now - keep the peace - don't start a bunch of warez questions like where to find this as I do not know, and don't go about asking either. This is not the place for that!
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Re: Rez Prototype Released!

Post by Nico0020 » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:16 am

very cool. I'm so happy i have Rez for xbox live arcade now to play in HD.
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