SfZ3U rom incorrectly dumped

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SfZ3U rom incorrectly dumped

Post by trips451 » Thu Jun 18, 2020 10:56 pm


It's been a journey to get here. The most common SFA3Upper ARC rom (Japanese version is the only version on Naomi board in the ARC. Other versions were on consoles).

sfz3ugd is the common name.

While in the service menu you can set the default speed to Turbo 2 instead of Turbo 1. This is a very important setting for the game, but the ARC rom doesn't have it correctly set.

Would it be possible for someone here to take a look?

Appreciate any help! I really want to play this game online using the new netcode implemented in a NullDC package.
(Yes, i know that sf3a is the standard game played competitively but i dont want to play that version. I want to play the version where capcom patches out c.cancels)
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