Sonic Adventure New Year's 1998 "Kadomatsu" DLC

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Sonic Adventure New Year's 1998 "Kadomatsu" DLC

Post by Moopthehedgehog » Fri Nov 08, 2019 8:01 pm

Hello again,

I came across something recently that appears to have been "lost to time" according to this: ... ble_Events

I bought a used 4X memory card from Japan and it had the data on it. It looks like it's the "bug fixed" version, too, as the file on the card is dated as acquired on 1/3/1999 (that's January 3rd, to Europeans :wink:). It also has the XMAS event from 1998, which is oddly dated 12/1/1999--so I guess they re-released it?

Anyways, VMI+VMS files attached. New Year's "Kadomatsu" (aka "gate pine") event is SA1_001 (in NEW_YEARS_1998 folder), XMAS '98 is SA1_000 (in XMAS_1998 folder). I've confirmed they both work with the US version of Sonic Adventure, and I tested it with the All-Stars GD-ROM so it probably works on all of them. Interesting side knowledge: It also looks like the original Japanese game uses a save file called SONICADV_SYS, whereas every subsequent version uses SONICADV_INT.

If anyone wants, I can upload a zipped CDI of Dream Explorer with a bunch of USA/JPN/PAL Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 DLC stuff that I made a long time ago and updated with these new things. I think it might even be complete now? :grin:

There's a bunch of other Japanese stuff on this memory card that I'm in no hurry to wipe, so if there's anything else I should check for that's been "lost to time" I can see if it's there.
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