Which PC Case? Also PC PSU requirements question.

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Which PC Case? Also PC PSU requirements question.

Post by MKE » Fri Feb 08, 2008 11:41 am

I'm looking at getting a new pc case soon to replace my 'old' cheap dynex case (actually not a bad case, fits my 3870 and 4 hdd's, just the front door broke off and looks bad)

Anyway, i have it between these 3 (2 are same, but one comes with psu and one doesnt)

Ultra Aluminus w/o PSU

Ultra Aluminus w/ 750 watt modular PSU

NZXT Trinity w/ 400w psu

Why i'm looking at the different ones, and my pro's/con's of them:

1. Case has awesome reviews, video looks like it would be an easy and fun "rebuild", Doesnt come with a psu at the price, but i have a 700w one already, and the door apparently gets in the way when using a non all digital fan controller.

2. Same case as 1, but comes with a 750watt modular PSU that has gotten great reviews from other sites, and was just released on the 28th iirc of january. Little more expensive but i would be able to sell my 700 watt psu to almost make up the difference.

3. Looks IMO a lot better then the Ultra, but it is missing from what i can tell, a front access USB/audio/firewire. Not as cable friendly and apparently can have issues with longer vid cards.

Which one would you get? while the NZXT looks great, the ultra just seems like a more logical choice.


Question 2:

I'm building a computer for a customer through work (he actually showed me the Aluminus case, i personally dont like tigerdirect/compusa.com) and just wondering if the 750 watt PSU will be enough. The max amp's on the dual rails seems like a decent amount (24 iirc) but i just want a 2nd opinion. Here are the parts (no joke):

Code: Select all

Intel QX9650
Asus P5E3 Deluxe 
2GB DDR3 Patriot Ram
1x HD3870x2 with plans on upgrading to 2 when ATI releases the Crossfirex Drivers
2x 1TB Segate 7200.11 hdd's
1x Blu ray/HD_DVD reader and dvd rw combo
1x DVDRW drive
Ultra media center hub thing (memory card reader)
2x 120mm fans
After looking at the PSU calculator thing, that should only use 500-550 watts, even with the dual 3870x2's...and its not going to be oc'ed yet Should the 750 be enough?
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Re: Which PC Case? Also PC PSU requirements question.

Post by bizzle » Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:15 pm

Ultra power supplies are notorious for dying and taking every bit of hardware with them. Do yourself a favor and get an Antec Sonata.
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