Vampire arrested

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Vampire arrested

Post by Roofus » Thu May 04, 2006 8:06 pm

A twisted teenage vampiress attacked three girls who attend her Queens high school - savagely sinking her teeth into their necks in a series of bizarre bloodlettings, a shocking new lawsuit charges.

Lawyer Jeff Lisabeth is filing a multimillion-dollar suit today against Hillcrest HS in Jamaica for failing to prevent the unprovoked slashings and neck-biting attacks by the 15-year-old girl, whom police have arrested but will not identify because of her age.

One of the victims, Michelle Melendez, 16, told The Post that the girl drew blood from her neck and face, leaving disfiguring teeth marks on her jaw line and throat.

She was also slashed with the jagged edge of a can in the Dec. 15 attack two blocks from the school. "It looks as if she was biting for the jugular vein," Lisabeth said.

"The school turned a blind eye to the fact that they had Vampira in their midst." In his lawsuit, which also names the city, Lisabeth accuses the school - named as the city's most violent in 1992 - of negligence and of failure to protect the victim. The suit also blames the neck-biter's parents and holds them responsible for the bloody assault.

In an interview, Melendez said she was waiting near the school for a bus ride home when the girl "started slashing my face with something sharp, and she bit me" for no reason.

"She was trying to get my jugular vein. I couldn't even believe it was going on," she said, adding her attacker dragged her down to the ground. "There was blood flowing all over my face. My skin was in her mouth, and she wouldn't let go," Melendez said. "She just bites like crazy - she eats your flesh. For some reason, she just likes to bite."

She was able to push off the crazed teen, who fled, leaving Melendez bleeding profusely from cuts and bites on her face and neck. She also suffered a broken finger.

Her parents reported the attack to police, who arrested the suspect Jan. 18 and charged her with second-degree assault as a minor, after a frightened Melendez saw her roaming the halls of Hillcrest.

The sickening suspect still attends the high school "infrequently," Melendez said.

The case was referred to Queens Family Court and the accused vampire was quickly released, authorities said.

Police confirmed the assault on Melendez, the neck bites and the subsequent arrest.

The girl also slashed Melendez with the jagged edge of a torn aluminum soda can, one investigator said.

Lisabeth said he believes only Melendez reported the assault to police but that two other girls reported similar incidents to the school.

Principal Stephen Duch did not return several phone calls from The Post.

Meanwhile, Melendez said she will need plastic surgery to restore her face. She says the ordeal has left her fearful, tormented by nightmares and in a self-imposed retreat in her apartment.

"I don't like to be alone," she said. Even sleep is no respite, she said, because of a nightmare in which a crazed attacker "is biting me everywhere."

"I just sit in my room and stay by my parents. I don't feel safe in school."

The attack ruined Christmas and caused the cancellation of her Sweet 16 party, said her mother, Michaela Melendez.

"My daughter just locks herself in her room," said the mom, a nurse. "She's hurt and angry. We're trying to get her life back together, but it's hard. This is the worst nightmare you can have for your kid.

"The school system let her down. We feel angry at the school system because they let this animal back in the school. She's evil - she's wicked and evil."

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Post by Tall Israeli » Thu May 04, 2006 8:12 pm

"My daughter just locks herself in her room," said the mom, a nurse. "She's hurt and angry. We're trying to get her life back together, but it's hard. This is the worst nightmare you can have for your kid."

Yeah, that's definitely something a parent stays up nights and worries about.
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