Help! Zelda Masters Quest

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Post by Veggita2099 » Sat Feb 22, 2003 7:50 pm

Well boys I finished the game. Im pretty sure the game is NOT emulated. Reason I feel this way is cause:

1. The Slowdown where you fight Ganondorf is gone, its smooth as can be, and

2. There is nothing in the credits about a emulator.

So want to know the differences? If not don't read on:

Only one, and I knew this before it even happened (well guessed it). Ganon spits up GREEN blood now. I guess Nintendo feels Green Blood makes games less violent. Im almost possitive it was Red in the original. So about the ending, NOTHING! There isn't even a message saying anything about it being Masters Quest. Something I did notice is the blocks start to fall away while you fight Ganon the first time. Maybe it did this before, but I don't remember it doing it. But he is still easy.
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