Read this topic before asking for help!

This forum is for discussion pertaining to homebrew and indie software for the Dreamcast, such as homebrew games, emulators/interpreters, and other homebrew software/applications. Porting requests and developmental ideas are not to be made here; you can make those here. If you need any help burning discs for homebrew software, this is the place to ask as well.
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Read this topic before asking for help!

Post by |darc| » Mon Dec 24, 2001 1:01 pm

Welcome to the General Help forum!

There are a few things I'd like to address.


1) If you are having problems burning something, don't just say "Oh, it doesn't work". Say what happens when you try it and what processes you have used.

2) If any topic is warez related or runs off into warez related discussion it will be locked. The same goes for flaming and illegal activites. Also, do not post links to sites which may be helpful but include warez/backup information, such as GameCopyWorld or the DC Selfboot Toolkit site.

3) Don't ever say "I have followed all the instructions, to the letter, exactly!" because if you had, it would've worked.

4) Don't assume that people will know your answer, and start flaming if people don't. People here don't know everything, they know a damn lot, but not everything. Also keep in mind people choose to come here and help on thier spare time with no reward. Do not begin insulting people for not sharing your views, etc.

5) If you don't know the answer to a question, have the same problem, or have some helpful hints, DON'T POST (mods \ admin excluded ). Posting incorrect information purposely results in an immediate ban. That is plain unnacceptable.

6) Never start a thread about how to back-up or warez games, this is not accepted here.

7) There ARE quite a few good tutorials at: DCEmu and Consolevision BROKEN
Dreamcast Help BROKEN
Please read appropriate tutorials thoroughly, THEN ask questions. Don't just come in and expect someone to retype a whole tutorial over again because you don't feel like clicking your way to a tutorial.

8) If someone is asking about ROM discs, and someone says a way that would almost certainly work, don't completely contradict them and call the newbie who asked dumb, or whatever, and advertise another kit, that may work, but is harder than some of the others out there.

9) No help with porn or anything illegal will be acceptable.

10) Do not get mad and yell at any staff for locking topics. This will get you no where. If a staff member sees a topic on border-line locking-content, they have the right to close it. If you do have an intelligent reason why it should be opened, Private Message the Staff Member that closed it and discuss it with him privately. DO NOT make a new topic on the boards complaining.

11) Use common sense. You should know what warrants a closed topic or a ban if you have any sense. Don't do something wrong then say "Well, it wasn't in the rules!". You know what's wrong and what isn't. If you do think something might be innappropiate, check this topic to see if it isn't, then if it doesn't say anything about it being wrong (and you're still unsure), Private Message a moderator, such as |darc|, Lilmuckers, or ZacMc.

12) Repeat offenses of the may result in a temporary or permanent ban.

13) Search this forum!! People post the same questions every few days. The answer to your question could already somewhere in this forum.

Above rules by |darc|, Lilmuckers, and ZacMc.
Other mods may edit this as you see fit; include your name if you like. Do not make another post to add comments/rules, please edit this post.

The following information added by Curtiss Grymala:

If you are having trouble burning something, as the rules state, please don't simply say "I can't get it to work". We cannot help you get things working if you don't include the following information:

1) What type of files are you using (plain files, CDI, or NRG) and from where did you download them.
2) What method are you using: Selfboot, Selfboot Inducer, DSSBS, etc.?
3) What program are you using to burn: CDRecord, Nero, DiscJuggler, Alcohol 120%, CDRWin, Fireburner? (If it's not one of those five, then that's one of your problems right there).
4) What steps are you taking?
5) What model number/name is your burner?
6) What error messages are you getting?
7) What is on the disc after you burn it (if you put it back in your CD drive, and open it in Windows Explorer)?
8) What happens when you put the disc in your DC?
9) What tutorials, if any, have you read?

Answer all of those questions, and we will be 95% guaranteed to help you out.

If you don't answer those questions, many of us will simply refer you to this topic, so that you can read the information that you need to include.

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