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Post by DCDayDreamer » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:49 pm

Another small release from DC Evolution...


Protozoa is a game created by Ruckage, developed with Fenix in 2007 for the GP2X console. It's an alternative version of the popular 'Snake' game.

You start off as a single cell organism, the objective of the game is to become multi-cellular by consuming other small organisms that swim around the screen. Points are scored for every organism consumed: 10 points for a single cell, 25 points for a double cell, 50 points for a triple cell, and a point is scored for every cell gained at game over. The number of enemy organisms for each game can be selected from 1 to 4, if you run into an enemy it's game over, if you run into yourself it's game over.


This release comprises of DCEvo's version of Chui's Fenix SDL Loader (FSL) from November 2004, edited to exclude the Fenix splash screen and jingle, so Protozoa loads directly. The Dreamcast Fenix port does not have support for music in the OGG format, the soundtrack for the game (a tune with a total running time of fifty six seconds which loops during game play) has been excluded from the release. Protozoa has also been edited so all the available control options for the GP2X are now available on Dreamcast.


A - Toggle Music On/Off (redundant on Dreamcast)
X/B - Change Number of Enemies
Y - Toggle Normal/Fast Speed
Start - Start Game
D-Pad Left (or X) - Rotate Anti Clockwise
D-Pad Right (or B) - Rotate Clockwise
Start + Y - Reset Dreamcast

When I get around to it, I'll create an archive page at DCEvo and upload the CDI, the plainfiles, and the original GP2X version. Until then I've attached a standard CDI of the game below.

(753.77 KiB) Downloaded 201 times
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Re: Protozoa

Post by Anthony817 » Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:52 pm

Am I wrong in comparing this to the game FLOW on PS3? I LOVED that game so much! This sounds like it will be loads of fun! :mrgreen:
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