DreamShell issues

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DreamShell issues

Post by Corbin » Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:43 pm

Hi there again,

After all of these years, I finally caved in and bought a SD card reader for my Dreamcast. Previously, every single build of everything I've ever compiled was burned tediously to disc. I was afraid of the reader going out so I got it all set up.

Pretty neat! Trying to get used to it, but it seems intuitive so far.

My main interest was the ISO loader; because my engine generates an ELF, which I convert to a scrambled BIN. From there, I run mkisofs. Generates an ISO (and a CDI), but it looks like CDIs cannot be loaded. So that's fine and all. I copy the ISO to the SD card. For the record, this is a 16GB SD Card from a Nintendo 3DS, formatted in Windows to FAT32.

When I attempt to boot the ISO via DreamShell's Iso Loader, I encounter an Unhandled Exception. I can't see jack shit that way, it all looks like DreamShell debugger stuff - nothing remotely indicating my program is attempting to start.

The ISO [CDI] loads fine on a Dreamcast with a CDR, and nullDC as well - I'm not sure why I can't load it via DreamShell.

If I can get some assistance, that'd be great! Also, how do I enable debugging information that comes from the Ethernet Adapter? It'll help with my engine, but this Dreamshell stuff...no clue there.

Thanks for the help!

To circumvent this, I went ahead and generated my BIN from the ELF, but I left it unscrambled and popped it in the directory that my engine resides. I copied the whole thing over, used File Manager to load it up, and it seems to work...the problem is that the screen is cut off so I can't see anything, and it looks like it crashes right away.. doesn't do that when burned to a CD-ROM.

So, I suppose I solved my problem, but is it unwise to load programs from DreamShell? Maybe I'm leaving something out?
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