Issues using coders cable with Dreamshell's ISO loader.

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Issues using coders cable with Dreamshell's ISO loader.

Post by DEFAULT » Wed May 06, 2020 10:01 am

Hello everyone.

I have recently started modding my Dreamcast, making a ft232rl based coders cable for it, along with a replacement fan and battery.
I also have setup the latest version of dc-tool-serial, 1.0.6, with the baud rate set to 1500000.

When launching Dreamshell via dc-tool-serial, I get a transfer speed of about 150 KB/s.
Running Dreamshell's own speed test, reveals a read and write speed of 3 Mbits/s.

When I try to play a game through the ISO loader, specifically SA2, it begins to load, but as soon as it executes all I get is a black or white screen.
I have tried playing around with the settings, including ones suggested by, to no avail.
The only game I have managed to get running is crafti-dreamcast.

I have seen that those SD-card adaptors you can get have a read speed of 5/6 mbits/s, but I don't see why it could not work with 3 mbits/s, since I got SA2 to boot, working until the title screen. This was also at a much lower transfer speed.

Loading the different parts of Dreamshell also takes quite a bit of time, about 4x slower than the SD card adaptor.

So I was wondering if there is a solution to load larger games, such as SA2 via a coders cable, or if there is a way to increase transfer speeds any further.

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