Thread links for DC programmers

If you have any questions on programming, this is the place to ask them, whether you're a newbie or an experienced programmer. Discussion on programming in general is also welcome. We will help you with programming homework, but we will not do your work for you! Any porting requests must be made in Developmental Ideas.
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Thread links for DC programmers

Post by Quzar » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:52 pm

I might try to merge this with the quite outdated 'links for those ...' sticky at some point.

Many times I have looked around for information on a specific issue when DC programming. However, searching can be problematic and sometimes impossible (search for VMU). So here I'm trying to put together a sorted list of the best threads with information here. If you can think of others or topics I should look for more on, please post.

Here's the list so far:

General Insanity (Genesis + PVR) - A HUGE and extremely information-packed thread. Discussion on a vast array of video issues (along with quite a few lookie-loos).
Screen render code speed up - An interesting example where a naive approach to a video renderer is taken and replaced with a much more optimized version.
Paletted Textures - A fantastic well written guide on the subject.
VQ Compression - Very detailed information about the very seldom used video feature.

Dreamcast's ARM CPU - Some nice low level description of the AICA

Maple Test - Contains data gathered from many maple devices documenting features, versions, etc.

Trouble making the purupuru (Jump Pack) vibrate
PPPPUURRRRUU PURU! The original topic on reverse engineering the PuruPuru.

Microphone (S.I.P.):
KOS example using new maple system? An example program by BlueCrab on how to use the SIP.
Dreamcast Microphone Successfully Hacked BlueCrab's original topic on his driver

VMU Beep:
Beep Beep! The only topic on VMU beeping (although it is apparently also present in libronin as vmufs_beep)
VMU Screen:
BMP->VMU Screen Code? Some discussion and sample code to draw to the VMU Screen

VMU Saving:
Performing basic VMU file I/O operations? Basic example of saving zipped data to a vmu.
test a VMU file Reading the CRC from a VMU file
VMU Icons More saving examples, this time including eyecatches and icons.
Eye Catches and VMU Icons More discussion on the merits of save icons and eyecatches.

General KOS Features
Loading Media from memory An excellent explanation of the various filesystem mounts in KOS, the romdisk, /pc, /vmu, /ramdisk, etc.
Load a outside .BIN in KOS ? Some info on loading a new program from within a KOS program (make your own menu/bootloader) as well as a few bits on how some other bootloaders work.

Full examples
Minivader Source Release A little mame driver port I made. Simplest arcade hardware in existence. Extremely well documented and gives a pretty good overview on how to do basic I/O, video, and some other minor things.
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Re: Thread links for DC programmers

Post by sahiphop » Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:27 pm

Brilliant! Thank you for doing this! :) I will definitely find this useful!
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Re: Thread links for DC programmers

Post by EnigmaticCoder » Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:33 pm

You can also use google for those short search terms:

site: search query
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