Binary Domain Hands On

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Binary Domain Hands On

Post by cube_b3 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:51 pm

So I finally invested in this game and quickly booted it up today.

Upon booting I was informed that an update is available - I refused to upgrade.

Then the game started installing for a good 10 minutes, fortunately during installation your looking at a handheld computer (holograpic tablet computer) and you can browse through some basic game instructions to pass the time. You could also move your head around and explore the surroundings which consisted of a music player to the right and some crates to the left. Unfortunately I couldn't look very far away from the handheld computer.

Finally when the installation was finished I was hoping to be treated to a cinematic intro, unfortunately it just went to the main menu.

The Menu's were quite different from Yakuza... comparable to the tour screens on a Mac computer.

So I hit start and started new campaign.

I was hoping to see a fun movie at this point with cool music:

Instead I got this:

Fortunately the boring briefing doesn't last long and unlike Yakuza it appears the game will be telling the story in-game.

The graphics I have to say look amazing and the controls seem to be nice and responsive.

This is unarguably shaping up to be nothing like Nagoshi's Yakuza, and it does feel like some of the American games i've played such as Uncharted and even Japanese games like Resident Evil 5. You know, cause they have a lot of conversations taking place in game. Unfortunately the voice acting to me at least feels bad, while I am not a huge fan of Uncharted I do tend to enjoy the conversations Nate and the npc's engage in.

Has anyone else played this game?
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Re: Binary Domain Hands On

Post by Klonoa » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:10 am

Yep I beat this like a few months ago it's the spiritual brother of Vanquish same engine too pretty enjoyable game.
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