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Re: Dreamplaces

Post by Moi » Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:44 am

Last night I tested DP using my keyboard.

-good framerate (in my map i get 13-21 fps, compared 7-12 in nxMakaqu)

-(obviously) no sound
-some graphical glitches, like hud disappearing
-weird beihaviour of the analogue stick
-left/right shoulder buttons seem not to be recognized
-no access to the Quake console
-no saving

Anyway I will test the DP version of StealthQuake v1.2 and the winquake version with the new nxmakaqu on the dc, once it is released.
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Re: Dreamplaces

Post by mankrip » Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:40 pm

The speed is good and it has dynamic lighting, but there are several glitches and it's too incomplete when compared to nxMakaqu. Making it as good and user-friendly as Makaqu (except on the renderer, of course) would require so much work it's not worth it.

Too bad Chui didn't port GLQuake (or even better, ToChriS 1.11a), or I'd probably try to implement its hardware renderer in Makaqu. I mean, porting Darkplaces was indeed a great achievement, but the Darkplaces source is so different from the normal Quake engines that it becomes really hard to import significant features from it. Implementing features from nxMakaqu in Dreamplaces would also be tiresome.

Well, I guess I just ranted. Sorry :|.
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