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Post by Moi » Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:50 am

Mr.INSANE wrote:Woot first post aint i special

Mapping Optimizations

-Instead of using hundreds of light ententies *cough* ajay *cough* set a minimum ambient light level this will give you a good boost depending on how many light ententies you used to have
-Dont box maps this is a genereal noob mapper thing todo if your map leaks you put a box around it. This shoots the vis level through the roof and can make considerable slowdowns.
-Keep clean brushwork. Pretty simple dont make a tree out of five hundred brushes when i could make one out of 8.
-Dont use windows trasnparent water etc. this will give you a good boost if you use a window texture instead of being able to see into the building or whatever your looking into
-for complex brushes dont sink them into the ground situate these slightly higher than the ground that way the map compiling tools wont have to set the brush up
-if levels get to big starting chaining them this is a good way to keep high framrates.

thats pretty much all and woot first post
thanks Mr.Insane, this is very helpful!
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Post by Mr.INSANE » Fri Sep 09, 2005 11:34 pm

Hey No problem jsut trying to help.

p.s. if anyone is looking for an experinced mapper give me a message
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Post by Tyne » Wed Feb 08, 2006 8:03 pm

Update on lighting.

Yeah Lunkin uses a horrible method of shoving light entities everywhere as mentioned before, a lot of people including myself never bothered to read any lighting tutorials or the readme files that came with a lighting compiler!

Here's a tip for increasing speed and improving your levels lighting quality.

Use the 'wait' key on your lights. A light with a bright of 100 and a 'wait' key will look a lot better then: using 3 light entities to accomplish the same lighting effect and doing a poorer job at it!

'wait' is basically a way to increase the lights radius size, so a 'wait' of 0.5 will increase the brightness range * 2 allowing for larger lights that dim out over a distance a lot nicer, which also casts some nice shadows.
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