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Creating a Disc image with Selfboot

1. Download Selfboot. Install it to C:\Selfboot.  Create a "dcemu" folder on your C: drive. (C:\dcemu)

2. Download the plain files of the emulator you want to burn (make sure you have a scrambled 1st_read.bin). Extract the plain files. Move the 1st_read.bin, ip.bin and any other included files and folders to C:\dcemu.  If the plain files didn't come with an ip.bin use this ip.bin.

3. Add your roms to the roms folder. [The roms folder is different for each emulator you will need to check the Readme file to find out which folder it is.]

4. Run C:\Selfboot\Selfboot.exe and select C:\dcemu. Click the NERO (DAO) or (TAO) button to create a .nrg image. Or click the Discjuggler button to create a .cdi image. It might take a few minutes to create the image depending on how many roms you included.

5. Burn the CD image with Nero, Alcohol120% or Discjuggler.

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