Created and Founded by 007Cheater on September 25, 2000.
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Selfbooting MDCNG with Selfboot

0. Download Selfboot. Install it to C:\Selfboot.

1. Create the directory mdcng on your C dive (C:\mdcng).

2. Download the MDCNG plain files, extract the plain files.

3. Put the ip.bin, 1st_read.bin and the cfg, font, samples & snap folders into the mdcng folder (C:\mdcng)

4. Create a Roms folder inside the mdcng folder. (C:\mdcng\Roms)

5. Put your zipped NeoGeo bios and zipped NeoGeo roms into the Roms folder.

6. Put your configuration files in the cfg folder. Put your samples in the samples folder. Put your screenshots in the snap folder. *this step is optional*

7. Click on Selfboot.exe. Browse to C:\mdcng and click OK. Click the Discjuggler button to create a .cdi image or click the NERO (tao) or NERO (dao) button to create a .nrg image.

8. Once the image is made, start up your burning program of choice & select burn image.