Created and Founded by 007Cheater on September 25, 2000.
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Selfbooting Dream Engine with Selfboot

0. Download Selfboot. Install it to C:\Selfboot.

1. Create the directory dreamengine on your C dive (C:\dreamengine).

2. Download the Dream Engine plain files, extract the plain files.

3. Put the ip.bin and 1st_read.bin into the dreamengine folder (C:\dreamengine)

4. Create a Games folder inside the dreamengine folder. (C:\dreamengine\Games)

5. Put your unzipped PC Engine roms in the Games folder. There a limit of 256 roms.

6. Click on Selfboot.exe. Browse to C:\dreamengine and click OK. Click the Discjuggler button to create a .cdi image or click the NERO (tao) or NERO (dao) button to create a .nrg image.

7. Once the image is made, start up your burning program of choice & select burn image.