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BigBoy Interview
BigBoy is the author of DreamSpec -Spectrum Emu for Dc
Thanks to EmulationX for interviewing him. Please introduce yourself to the DcEmulation Audience.
: Lets leave it at Bigboy for just now.... When did you start to get involved with programing for the Dc.
BigBoy: Lets just say it was "a few years back for a games company" Why did you make DreamSpec - The Spectrum Emu for the Dc.
BigBoy: I made it so I can play Manic Minor on the TV again. 007Cheater the Webmaster and founder of and one of my best online buds told me that its the most d/l file now, what do u think of that.
BigBoy: I see with the stats 007 put up, its gotten quite a good recepion... LOTS of downloads, yeah im very happy with that, always nice when folk like what you do. How much more work has to be put into DreamSpec?
BigBoy: Wow!! LOTS... What's been released is in effect a weeks work! The Z80 core is from somewhere else, and the speccy part is dead simple... I need to optimise what I can, and get better timings as well...I also want to get a nice frontend, rather than the TEXT only one just time 128,+2, +3 would be good too, I also need to add keyboard support, .Z80, .TAP and .TXZ supprt... So you will need someone to help you design the frontend?
BigBoy: Some pics yeah... that'd be nice...Yeah I liked the pics to the SNES one.... I'd kinda like that effect too... looks profesional :) Would u like people to send you pics for the emu? You were
refering to the graphics that Kathy Choi did for the Dreamsnes
BigBoy: Yeah... if you see the loading screen, something around that idea would be great currently 320x240 24bit is fine. An Intro piccy would be cool too, and a smart logo...? So what are yur plans in the future for DreamSpec.
BigBoy: little steps... I'll add more games each time... make it worthwhile burning... The current version has 17 games included on the disk that you can load and run... The new one will have far more games available... When might the next release be?
BigBoy: Next few days... I think it'll be cosmetic.... new games etc... I'd like some nice piccys to add though :-) How long have you been around the Dc -Scene?
BigBoy: err....a little over a week :-) So its very new to you?
BigBoy: Yes getting things working was a chore and a half... the tutorials aren't "quite" right yet :-) its good to see though! So many new folk getting into this kind of hardware is cool. The CD stuff I got from Marcus i think it was, was amazing... to have figured it all out is very cool... What is your feeling about Utopia and the boot disk
BigBoy: Although... being in Games, I don't approve of copying them... I think its great for development, and homebrew stuff.

I'd like To thank BigBoy for this very informative Interview. What would u like to say to end this interview.
BigBoy: Keep Emulation free....

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