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Latest Version 1.0
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Release Date Unknown
Author Ishmair
Based on N/A
Systems Emulated zx-spectrum 48k
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Developer: Ishmair

Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 11-27-01

Description: zx-spectrum 48k for the PAL dreamcast.


  • Own motor Z80 in assembler.
  • Motor of sound and graficos with also overscan (multiple colors in line) in assembler.
  • Contended memory emulated (it needs adjustments).
  • It supports to formats z80 v1, v2, v3 and sna of 48k, single load at the moment.
  • Trim of screen.
  • Single you need pad dreamcast to play, in fact it does not support the keyboard of dreamcast, as I do not have one I cannot program it, and I do not think to buy it.
  • Joystick kempston emulado en pad analogico y boton A.
  • Joystick kempston emulado en pad analogico y boton A.
  • Pad digital and bellboys X, and, b are redefinibles like any key of the spectrum.
  • START invokes menu.