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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 0.9.6
Downloads Plain Files
Source Code
Release Date 06/29/08
Author Lawrence Sebald
Based on Yabause
by the Yabause team
Systems Emulated Sega Saturn
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active Yes
Refresh Rate 60Hz

Yabause is a multi-platform, open-source Sega Saturn emulator. The Dreamcast port is maintained by BlueCrab. The Dreamcast port tops out at 10FPS, but will not generally reach that speed during normal game play (expect around 4FPS in games).

Known bugs

  • Yabause is nowhere near full-speed on the Dreamcast and it probably won't be for a long time.
  • There are still many unsupported features of the Saturn hardware.


User Interface

  • Press START to boot the CD that is currently in the Dreamcast's GD-ROM drive.


  • A - A
  • B - B
  • X - X
  • Y - Y
  • L - L
  • R - R
  • Joystick Right - C
  • Joystick Down - Z
  • Directional Pad - Directional Pad