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Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version Unknown
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 08/04/2003
Author Reaper2k2
Based on xu4
Type of game Role Playing
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


XU4 isn't a new game based on the Ultima IV story -- it is a faithful recreation of the old game, right up to the crappy graphics. If you are looking for a game with modern gameplay and graphics, this is not it -- yet. New features that improve the gameplay and keep with the spirit of the original game will be added.

Ultima IV Ultima IV


  • Requires Dreamcast keyboard
  • VMU saving
  • VMU graphic artwork
  • VGA graphics pack
  • Stereo soundtrack


  • A - Attack
  • B - Board ship / Mount horse
  • C - Cast (Followed by the number of the character who will do the casting, and then the letter of the spell)
  • D - Descend
  • E - Enter
  • F - Fire a ship's cannons (followed by the direction, broadsides only)
  • G - Get Chest
  • H - Hole up and camp (may only be used successfully with limited frequency)
  • I - Ignite a torch (requires torches from guilds)
  • J) Jimmy lock (Followed by the direction of the door)
  • K - Klimb (Up by default, use D to descend)
  • L - Locate position (Requires sextant from that pirate place)
  • M - Mix Reagents (Followed by the letter of a reagent, one letter per part, with no seperators. Return mixes them. If I wanted to prepare a Jinx spell with one part of black pearl, one of nightshade, and one of mandrake root, I'd type BNM and then press return.
  • N - New order (followed by the numbers of the characters that you want to switch)
  • O - Open door (followed by the direction)
  • P - Peer at gem (requires a gem)
  • Q - Quit and Save
  • R - Ready a weapon
  • S - Search (looks on the ground for unusual items)
  • T - Talk (You're going to want to say "name", "job", "health", and "join" to most everyone that you meet, then ask about the things that they mention, particularly the nouns.)
  • U - Use (Uses an item found with the search command)
  • V - Volume (Toggles sound)
  • W - Wear armor
  • X - Xit (Exit your horse, ship, etc and continue on foot)
  • Y - Yell (Yells "giddyup" or "whoa" to speed/slow your horse)
  • Z - Ztats (Displays status)