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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.5
Downloads Plain Files (Wolf, Full, 1.1)
Plain Files (Wolf, Full, 1.4 Apogee)
Plain Files (Wolf, Full, 1.4, GT\ID\Activ.)
Plain Files (Wolf, Shareware, 1.0)
Plain Files (Wolf, Shareware, 1.1)
Plain Files (Wolf, Shareware, 1.2)
Plain Files (Wolf, Shareware, 1.4)
Plain Files (SoD, Full)
Plain Files (SoD, Demo)
Release Date 5/24/2008
Author fackue
Based on Wolf4SDL
Best Available Port
For this game?
Active Yes
Refresh Rate 60Hz

Wolf4SDL\DC is a port of Wolf4SDL by fackue whose goal is to say as true as possible to vanilla Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. Wolf4SDL is constantly updated by it's author, Ripper, so expect an equally updated DC port.

Known Bugs

  • None


  • Dpad - movement
  • Analog left - previous weapon
  • Analog right - next weapon
  • A - shoot
  • B - strafe
  • X - open
  • Y - run
  • C - previous weapon
  • Z - next weapon

Previous Versions

  • BETA (Wolf, Full) - 3/04/08