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Due to a conflict with the previous domain name owner, we have moved to a new URL. We are now permanently located at http://dcemulation.org/. Please update your bookmarks.

The site is currently under renovation. We have moved to a private-wiki-based system and we all are working hard to present you a renovated DCEmulation. The majority of the pages here still has to be written and the content of the old site from years ago has to be transfered to our new wiki.

Please bear with us here.

In the mean time, you may go to the DCEmulation forums and find lots of information and help there. The site has been based on the forums for years, anyway.


We keep you up-to-date with Dreamcast scene news. Whenever something happens it will be posted here. If you are looking for any news older than this week, check our news archive.

Giana's Return-

Posted by Maturion 05:26, 21 May 2008 (CDT)

Another update on gianas-return.de :

Most of the comments show up that a spoken storyline would not be accepted. The idea is completly dropped and we will not pick it up again. Thanks for everyone who left his/her thoughts!

Source: gianas-return.de

Chui's Return to Castle Wolfenstein remake

Posted by Maturion 08:04, 16 May 2008 (CDT)

Chui, a well known coder in the Dreamcast scene, has started a new project, a remake of "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" by id Software. It will be using Chui's Dreamplaces engine. He already registered a project on SourceForge.net and now he is recruiting new developers as well as sound engineers and graphic artists. If you are interested in working on a project like this, sign up in the thread at Dreamcast.es.

Continuing with the ancient factory DCiberia, now Dreamcast.es, our good guru Chui is preparing a new project: Return to Castle Of Wolfenstein Remake. All those with sound knowledge, 3D, Textures, Polygons. Graphs, C, SDL and programming in general, you are lucky because it is a project based on team that is already outlined and now it recruits new participants. You can also be a member and collaborate in the whole development. SourceForge will be used to lodge the project (which will be OpenSource) and if you do not want to get lost anything, pass for this Thread of the forums and sign up already.

Source: Dreamcast.es

Segagaga Translation Update

Posted by Darc 04:22, 16 May 2008 (CDT)

Adilegian of the Segagaga English translation project has posted an update that surely will calm those of us who were worried about the future of the project.

I'm tempted to write (once more) that this is a long overdue update for the Segagaga blog, but, frankly, this is the first time I've been able to devote to Segagaga in months.

So here's a status update. In response to our call for programming help, some fine folks have undertaken to work out a font size for the game that will let us put the text in without block letters. My communication with them has been hit-and-miss, as the leader of their project was trying to contact me in the thick of all the work that hit me. If any of you, dear readers, have contact with these folks, please let them know that I am finally free to get down to business.

In other news, we have gained exceptional assistance with translating the nuances of Segagaga's script. If anyone is concerned about the accuracy or thoroughness of our work, rest assured that our translation will be solid.

And that's all there is to write, really. With time finally on our hands, we begin again.

Source: James Howell's blog

Giana's Return.de - Huge update

Posted by Maturion 06:53, 15 May 2008 (CDT)

Another upadte on Giana's Return.de:

Odd thoughts…

As Giana’s Return will feature a storyline, should we add a SPOKEN storyline? This feature would of course blow up the game a lot, but is nothing which would be impossible. As the title says, it’s just an odd thought - depending on the amount of people who like this idea, we might set the according direction.

Music update!

Operator has sent an updated version of the soundtrack along with two jingles for “Level start” and “Game over” two hours ago. Time to add it to a recent beta, don’t you think guys?

Source: gianas-return.de

MahjongDC released

Posted by Maturion 06:49, 15 May 2008 (CDT)

MahjongDC by Ron

Ron of Dreamcast.es released a Dreamcast implementation of MahjongDC today.

A roughly translated version of his release notes is below:

It has already been worked on for about two years since the first version of the classic Chinese game MahjongDC based on a primitive source of Miserov. I fixed the flaws that were in the version from 2005 of the game and added support for PAD, Keyboard and Mouse.

The goal of MahjongDC (mah-jongg-jongg, mahjongg, mijang, Shangai, Taipei, Morejongg, Mindjongg, etc..) is to remove all the tiles from the board. Find chips equal in the extremes of left and right lines at the various levels of the pyramid, click on couples equally be used until the possibilities.

After playing some items were discovered a few tricks, techniques or better, to play better. Removing some cards will open more opportunities than others, making it easier to remove more pieces from the board. It is part of the fun develop the ability "to clean up" all the chips on the board.

MahJongDC will tell you when they can not remove more chips, meaning that it is not always possible to remove all pieces from the board, this will be true?.

It uses the PAD and reinitialises the board by pressing Start.

Download it directly from dreamcast.es. (Registration required)

Source: Dreamcast.es

Scherzo interviewed

Posted by Maturion 15:12, 13 May 2008 (CDT)

I have just interviewed Scherzo. The interview can be found here.

Giana's Return - Music & Music update

Posted by Maturion 11:53, 13 May 2008 (CDT)

Another update on gianas-return.de, today it's good news.

GFX news Our GFX artist thUg has been pretty busy with his regular job, which resulted into a minor slowdown. Yesterday we had the pleasure to see a first preview of the “desert” theme and it’s progressing slowly. As soon as we have a final set, we will start the work on World 5. The things which are done so far, are without doubt excellent. A mockup will be presented as fast as possible.

'Music News Our musician operator has been pretty busy this weekend, trying to finalize his work on the tracks. So far everything is going perfect, the team expects new/improved/fixed material by Tuesday night.

Unfortunatly Operator does not have any expirience with SFX - so we got back in touch with Chris Hülsbeck, and aksed if we can use his SFX or not. I hope he wont have a problem with it ;-) If there are news on this issue, we will let you know!

Source: gianas-return.de (1)/gianas-return.de (2)

TecToy update

Posted by Maturion 02:31, 13 May 2008 (CDT)

Another update on the TecToy Dreamcast:

Fernando has translated the Tectoy blog response to the "what should we release?" poll, in which Dreamcast was the undisputed winner. The company said that a Dreamcast re-release is not currently possible, because the Dreamcast was licensed by Sega, and discontinued years ago. This is an odd thing to say, given that they have the rights to most Sega licenses... But they said they want to re-release it, and hope that a solid showing from fans will help in that regard.

Next, they say they will have some good news for game fans in a short while (I still guess Game Gear). Here's Fernando's take on the Tectoy backpedaling, which I largely agree with: "What I think is that they can't afford it right now. Both Tectoy Master System and Mega Drive are a bit expensive for vintage machines, and a Tectoy Dreamcast would come at about the price of a PS2 in the Brazilian "gray market", which everyone is used to dealing with." So, no Tectoy Dreamcast just yet - but perhaps in a year or so as technology gets cheaper? Thanks to portalsonic for the image (beware of music if you click).

Source: insercredit.com

Giana's Return - PC Crash

Posted by Maturion 14:06, 12 May 2008 (CDT)

The Giana's Return team organizer's PC had a crash!

The organizer’s PC is now in Valhalla and needs a full backup and reinstall. This will draw back the project by at least one week. Nevertheless everyone is having his task to do (coder, musician, gfx artist), which means that this situation is not too bad.

Source: gianas-return.de

DUX - Boss Rush

Posted by Maturion 03:41, 12 May 2008 (CDT)

René Hellwig released pictures and informations about three boss enemies in DUX.


Say hello to three of overall six boss enemies appearing in DUX, the new upcoming Dreamcast game.

Stage 1 Boss

Krebs is the first stage boss to encounter. This boss has some sort of nippers opening and closing during the fight, so take care of that. Naturally, the boss will spit some bullets at you including a strong beam and some snake-like moving yellow shots. The beam is coming ot of the boss enemies hitzone and should be avoided as it will penetrate your shield. The yellow shot instead, which is also shown in the stage 1 teaser video, is to be absorbed with the pod. You can also point those yellow shots into a certain direction to make them easier for dodging.

Stage 2 Boss

Blumas is a huge mechanic flower. It will tossing dozens of bullet at you at a time to be doged. Those flower shaped bullets can be really dangerous, especially when they have enough time to explode to spit out even more bullets.

Stage 5 Boss

Radiax is an mutated creature living in a radio active contaminated den. Those little tentacle will shoot some shot some bullet at you, so eliminate them. When fighting against this boss enemy you will also take care of a long snake, which trying to get in touch with you.

In the final, alls these boss enemies will have more attacks then described here.

Source: HUCAST blog

Yabause 0.9.5

Posted by BlueCrab 18:00, 11 May 2008 (CDT)

The Yabause team is happy to bring you version 0.9.5 of their Sega Saturn Emulator. This version features many cross-platform bug fixes, as usual. This version also features some new code in the Dreamcast port (namely a new, hand-optimized assembly CD Core). This new CD Core doesn't seem to impact speed much at all, but it was good practice for me to write. Yabause 0.9.5 can be downloaded from yabause.org.

Discuss this in the forums!


Posted by Maturion 16:20, 11 May 2008 (CDT)


Neoblast and Ron just informed me about a new release from Dreamcast.es. Here are the English release notes: (thanks to Neoblast for translating it)

The spanish scene has created a new graphical adevnture engine and there is no better way to make its debut than dedicating it to those crazy, magical beings, also known as TROLLS which hang around on ELOTROLADO.NET and do nothing but piss off people and fill the scene with garbage, slimeballs, shit and bad mood for everyone.

It is a game where you play as a Troll that tries to piss off forumers, you can move it with the cursor to pick items, move, and interact with the people.

Download it directly from Dreamcast.es or from our server.

Source: Dreamcast.es