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Due to a conflict with the previous domain name owner, we have moved to a new URL. We are now permanently located at http://dcemulation.org/. Please update your bookmarks. See this announcement for more information.

The site is currently under renovation. We have moved to a private-wiki-based system and we all are working hard to present you a renovated DCEmulation. The majority of the pages here still has to be written and the content of the old site from years ago has to be transfered to our new wiki.

Please bear with us here.

In the mean time, you may go to the DCEmulation forums and find lots of information and help there. The site has been based on the forums for years, anyway.


We keep you up-to-date with Dreamcast scene news. Whenever something happens it will be posted here. If you are looking for older news, check our news archive.

DCiberia & Dreamcast.es merge, Online NOW !

Posted by Maturion 09:54, 21 April 2008 (CDT)

Here's the official announcement by Ron:

DCiberia.net and Dreamcast.es have merged with a new portal dedicated exclusively to the Sega Dreamcast and continue to disseminate all the information together in Spanish.

This portal can find all the information officer of Sega Dremacast Scene and the whole undiluted.

Sign up and work with us, we hope.

'We're Online!

The long-awaited FUSION is already today reality. From now have a new portal Dreamcast that covers everything related to the World Scene and Dreamcast in Spanish. We are already operating DCiberia is in no way ReadOnly and will be updated today onwards. Will be kept operational purposes repository for information and to update our new website. All news related to the Scene and the Dreamcast Original can be found from here today, update your bookmarks, the new URL is: http://www.dreamcast.es As a first advice is to go registering, the previous accounts to other pages do not work anymore, not take anything and of course is free.

Dciberia.net is currently accessible only by the subscribers, if you want to enable an account, both because they want to help overturn the information as if you need to see something, put a comment in this press release and you send your data login to your private courier on the web. The forums are also accessible means of consultation.

Although at the moment this new web portal contains no information, we are working to be adding all that (previously filtered) can be useful for the community, and make this portal is # 1 on information Dreamcast speaking Spanish.

The new Staff consists of: NaOnaK, Ron, Neoblast, Melovampire, Timofonic and Indiket (for the moment), as partners Puch666 and diegomr.

As always, appealed to all, we are open to collaboration and support of all to complete our contribution to the spread of the Dreamcast and Scene, all we can. We believe that this Time Lucky

Thank You

Source: DCemu UK forums

lxdream WIP - Fun with OS X 10.5 + GLX

Posted by Maturion 09:54, 21 April 2008 (CDT)

The good news is that I now have regular access to a mac again, and it’s 
actually fairly up-to-date (ie it’s running 10.5). So as a result, I have to 
say I’m stunned that other people have managed to get as far as they did - as 
far as I can see, Apple seems to have broken GLX pretty thoroughly[0]  .

So I’ve done 3 things:
Fixed the crashes at least, with glx, and generally fixed up the configure 
script for 10.5. I’ve probably broken it for 10.4 though. Which raises the 
question - is anyone actually trying to use lxdream on 10.4?
Added support for the native GTK port w/ NSGL. This actually works fairly 
nicely. Unfortunately the only binary I can find for GTK/Quartz is provided by 
macports, and the font support is broken at the moment (ie completely 
missing). If anyone actually manages to build it from source… do let me know  
Started implementing a (fairly minimal) native cocoa UI. Well I was always  
going to do this eventually, I just hadn’t been planning to do it _now_.  

In unrelated news, pulseaudio support is now in, along with spanish and 
italian translations (thanks to segnini75 and ghost22)
[0] So far I’ve noticed: It’s restricted to 16-bit depth buffers, has various  
other regressions from 10.4, creating a context with fbconfig crashes the app, 
glSecondaryColorPointerEXT fails if given a size = 4 (and lead to a crash), 
not to mention the libGL link cycle issue…

Source: lxdream.org