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The site is currently under renovation. We have moved to a private-wiki-based system and we all are working hard to present you a renovated DCEmulation. The majority of the pages here still has to be written and the content of the old site from years ago has to be transfered to our new wiki.

Please bear with us here.

In the mean time, you may go to our forums and find lots of information and help there. The site has been based on the forums for years, anyway.


We keep you up-to-date with Dreamcast scene news. Whenever something happens it will be posted here. If you are looking for older news, check our news archive.

Makaron Test 9/4

Deunan has updated his Makaron blog again. He has released Makaron Test 9/4.

Makaron Test 9/4 for those who like to experiment.
I'd urge you to wait for T10 as this is a bastard mix of current (broken) dev 
and older T9/2. I got it to compile and run but that's about it - not tested.  
It does include the DMA changes that should make WinCE games more stable but I 
make no guarantees.
It's still using old GD code which means (with the DMA changes I've made) it  
will most likely break Street Fighter Alpha and some other games.

Use the supplied plugins and Maple.ini to get vibration support and use F12 
menu to enable VMU LCD overlay. Also, make sure to change sorting mode because 
it defaults to "Alternate" which turned out not to work for some games.

This release goes beyond experimental, it's downright partisan :) I'm not 
kiding you - unless you like 'em rough stay clear. I'd like to have some 
feedback on vibration support for upcoming T10 and that's the only reason it 

PS. No changes to full-screen mode in this one, and no support for 16:X aspect 
ratios. And Yuki, stick to your T9/3 for now :)

Source: dknute.livejournal.com

Demul 0.2 WIP

Posted by Darc 16:18, 3 April 2008 (CDT)

CaH4e3 has posted an update regarding the Windows-based Dreamcast emulator Demul on Emu-Russia.

-- New Dynarec code
-- New sound code
-- Direct launching of Naomi ROMs
-- Faster speed and higher compatiblity, still same graphics code

I hope I didn't mess up the Russian too much. :P

PayToPlay Makaron an April Fool's Joke

Posted by Darc 13:41, 2 April 2008 (CDT)

As quite expected, the PayToPlay announcement regarding the Windows Dreamcast emulator Makaron was indeed an early March 31st April Fool's joke. Deunan wrote on his blog today:

Originally I intended to "disappear" for a week (just like last time) and have my
fun reading the comments, hate mail and cursing. Unfortunately not that many
sites picked up on this idea of mine and so I'll have to cut it short. Pity.

I especially enjoyed the threats to move to another emulator. How silly is that?
Folks, you're free to do that anytime you want and you don't need my permission.
Really. Let's face it - most of you got angry because you took free Makaron for
granted and now I was about to take it away from you. You got all cozy thinking
you somehow deserve it. Well... think again.

Having said that - hook, line AND SINKER, people :)

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lxdream WIP - Render branch merged back to trunk

2nd April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

nkeynes has updated the lxdream website.

There’s some outstanding niggles with the transparency auto-sorting (which 
will be fixed when I beef up the sorting algorithm), but by and large I think 
I’ve fixed everything I broke with the render changes. So that’s merged back 
to trunk now where the rendering work will continue. The big win so far has 
been fixing perspective correction - by itself that’s fixed something like 95% 
of the visual problems I was seeing.

Time to do some more rendering features now I think ^_^
*Fix perspective-correction (shader-only at the moment)
*Change mip-map texture loading to work around bug in ATI drivers
*Add mirrored texture support
*Add configure checks for fbo + shader support (to avoid linking errors on really old GL libraries)

Source: lxdream.org

Rush Rush Rally Racing update

2nd April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

Senile Team is still working on Rush Rush Rally Racing. They've just updated their website.

Well, we're still working on Rush Rush Rally Racing. Progressing, expanding, 
improving! To ease the wait, I've put up some new screenshots and [http://
www.senileteam.com/downloads.php?i=59 Rush Rush Rally Racing wallpapers].

Source: SenileTeam.com

SMS+SDL\DC 0.1 released

1st April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

fackue has released SMS+SDL 7.1 for the Dreamcast (SMS/GameGear emulator). He already announced that he will most likely not continue the work on his new emulator.

This is a very quick port of SMS+SDL 7.1 by Gregory Montoir which was based on 
0.9.4a of SMS Plus by Charles Mac Donald.

Put your .sms and .gg ROMs in /roms and burn.

The menu is a bit ugly, and not nearly as good as I'd like. There's currently 
no way to get back to the menu when you play a ROM - this was just a test port 
and I'll most likely not work on it anymore.

The ROM list code was taken from BlueCrab's SMS\GG\SG-1000 emulator, CrabEmu  
so all credits goes to him for that. 


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Source: DCEmulation forums

Makaron WIP - If I were a rich man

1st April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

Deunan (a.k.a dknute) announced that his Dreamcast emulator Makaron is no longer available for free. This is a sad decision but we have to accept that. He will be using a Pay to Play system. More information about that will come soon.

At least some of you must realize that developing Makaron is a time consuming 
process. Time I could very well be spending doing things that bring me money. 
I have expenses you know, mostly PC hardware and software but also Dreamcast 
games and other stuff (like a new oscilloscope, as the old one died on me 
sometime ago).
I'm happy people use my emulator and find it useful, but I also belive it's 
only fair I got someting out of it as well.

Having said that I've came up with an idea of Pay to Play system for Makaron - 
prepaid style. Makaron will be free to download and try out but to play longer 
you will need to purchase an activation code. Simply put, in exchange for 
money you'll be given a limited time to use my emulator. Once that time is up 
you'll need to pay again, very much like you would for a cell phone number.
Payment options will include credit cards and other common money transfer 
services, but I haven't yet decided on the rates so it'll take a few days to # 
set everyting up. I will be done with the activation code shortly too.

This is the last free version: Makaron T10. (link no longer working)

UPDATE: I've changed my mind - I'm going to start with payment system right 
now. If you've managed to download the free T10 then consider yourself lucky.

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Source: dkunte.livejournal.com