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Segagaga translation project update: needs translation help

Posted by Darc 13:07, 20 April 2008 (CDT)

Omar Cornut of SMS Power! and MEKA fame has posted an update on DCEmu UK regarding some progress on the Segagaga translation.

Based on James Howell's request of tools/programmers for the Segagaga translation,
I've gathered a teams of guys who are working on this.


James' has been not helpful so far (busy etc) and we need actual translated data
to progress, right now the guys will likely be halted. In the past weeks they made
toolset to extract all game text, inject it back (in separate file or in executable),
stored as Ascii to save memory, code modified to manipulate and convert Ascii
text, code modified to scale font size as requested by James, etc. 

Does anybody knows the original programmer on this project?
Can anybody provide translation data so we can evaluate memory consumption of english data?

Anybody interested in doing work on this would be welcome.

Source: DCEmu UK Forums

lxdream development: Fun with OS X 10.5 + GLX

Posted by Darc 12:40, 20 April 2008 (CDT)

Nathan Keynes has posted an update regarding Mac OS X support on his Linux-based Dreamcast emulator, lxdream.

The good news is that I now have regular access to a mac again, and it’s actually
fairly up-to-date (ie it’s running 10.5). So as a result, I have to say I’m stunned
that other people have managed to get as far as they did - as far as I can see,
Apple seems to have broken GLX pretty thoroughly[0].

So I’ve done 3 things:

-- Fixed the crashes at least, with glx, and generally fixed up the configure script
for 10.5. I’ve probably broken it for 10.4 though. Which raises the question - is
anyone actually trying to use lxdream on 10.4?
-- Added support for the native GTK port w/ NSGL. This actually works fairly
nicely. Unfortunately the only binary I can find for GTK/Quartz is provided by
macports, and the font support is broken at the moment (ie completely missing).
If anyone actually manages to build it from source… do let me know 
-- Started implementing a (fairly minimal) native cocoa UI. Well I was always going
to do this eventually, I just hadn’t been planning to do it _now_. 

In unrelated news, pulseaudio support is now in, along with spanish and italian
translations (thanks to segnini75 and ghost22)

[0] So far I’ve noticed: It’s restricted to 16-bit depth buffers, has various other
regressions from 10.4, creating a context with fbconfig crashes the app,
glSecondaryColorPointerEXT fails if given a size = 4 (and lead to a crash),
not to mention the libGL link cycle issue…

Source: lxdream.org

law56ker's nxDoom Collection released

Posted by Darc 15:25, 19 April 2008 (CDT)

law56ker has released a huge collection of Doom mods and total conversions, running on nxDoom, on 2 CDs.

This is a collection of best Total Coversions, Megawads, and Various levels 
for use on NXDOOM for the Sega Dreamcast. I spent the last several weeks, 
researching and collecting the best quality mods, megawads, levels for Doom 2 
and Ultimate Doom. It was a lot of work collecting and testing all of these 
mods, but the true work went to the people who made them and those who made it 
possible to play Doom on dreamcast.

All you need to do is put your retail Doom WADs in the files and use his instructions with BootDreams to build the disc.

Source: DCEmulation Forums

Gianas' Return - World 4 has been tested…

Posted by Maturion 14:57, 17 April 2008 (CDT)

Yet another update on gianas-return.de:

World 4 has been tested…
…and declared as almost bugfree. There seems to be a bee which does not behave 
as it should, but with some modification, everything should go, or fly, it’s 
way ;-) 

As soon as we have the modified clouds, we _might_ consider taking a video,  
but the chance of “more screenshots” is slightly higher.

Source: gianas-return.de

René Hellwig of NG:Dev.Team Announces New Shmup Coming This Summer!

Posted by Darc 16:14, 16 April 2008 (CDT)

René Hellwig of NG:Dev.Team, the team who brought you Last Hope, has announced a new commercial side-project shmup of his in development entitled "DUX." It will be a Dreamcast-exclusive title.

This game is going to be a memorizer shooting with focus on blasting action, which means the memorizing aspect will make a rather small extent of the game but is still required for progressing further. But don't be confused with the vertical shooting game, which will come next year to the NeoGeo, this here is Dreamcast only. Given that, it can take the advantages of the Dreamcast system to bring some smooth high-resolution CGI visuals on screen and various other modern features.

It will be available in June or July on a physical disc for about 20 euros, or roughly 30 US dollars with today's dismal US economy.

Source: shmups.system11.org

Indiket Releases OpenTyrian 0.2

Posted by Darc 13:17, 15 April 2008 (CDT)

Indiket has updated his OpenTyrian port to version 0.2.

Here is a translation of the update:

-- Updated to version rev. 720 Classic. 
-- Amended fmopl.c using code from the PSP version. It reduces a little sound quality to be less stressful on the CPU. 
-- Implemented preliminary routines to load and save. OpenTyrian can save and load games from the VMU. 
This has to be in the port A1, and always takes 7 blocks, regardless of the number of saves. 
-- Added icon on the VMU loading the game, and also in the VMU file. 
-- Added support for 2 players. The controls have changed from the previous version: 
Player 1: move the ship with digital (rather than analog), shoot with A, B, X and triggers, change shape with start. 
Player 2: Analog stick moves ship, A shoots laterally, B shoots two weapons at once, and start changes shape with. 
-- Added pregenerated music (WAV) instead of emulated. The DC will be load into memory the songs that you ask (be careful with the jukebox).
-- The game freezes upon entering the instruction section. 
-- There is no network gaming support.

Source: DCiberia

Quzar Releases VMUBeep Demo, Requests Help Identifying Devices

Posted by Darc 22:17, 14 April 2008 (CDT)

Quzar has posted a new demo program in our forums called VMUBeep, which demonstrates how to receive sound feedback from the VMU's internal speaker (as if we haven't all heard it enough when our batteries have died...).

In addition, he has requested help in another thread from those in the community who have coder's cables, broadband adapters, or other link setups to help identify peripherals attached to the maple bus (front controller ports and controller slots). He has attached a tool that will print the IDs of connected peripherals to the console output of dc-tool. Please help submit IDs so the peripheral support in KOS can be improved!

Giana's Return - Lavaworld Screenshots Prefinal 2 & Music & SFX update!

14th April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

Another update on gianas-return.de:

Music & SFX update!
Musicmaster Alexander “Op3rator” Oldemeier came up with new tune previews 
today. It’s pretty amazing and rockz the house. If it will happen that Giana’s 
Return is unplayable or crap, at least the music will save everything  

Alex’s extraordinary depressive chipmusic style is really a gift for the  
Thank you for your work!

Lavaworld Screenshots Prefinal 2
The lava world has got some tuning and looks much better than before. Here is 
the proof:

Lavaworld.jpg Lavaworld2.jpg

Additional to the screenshots there are of course more news. The lava world is 
fully converted to the new set, which makes a sum of 28 complete levels. We 
are working on three more worlds and then we can consider this game finalized.

Unfortunatly we won't make the release at end of April, but we had neat 
progress almost every day of the week and hope to keep the speed.

Source: gianas-return.de (1)/gianas-return.de(2)

Demul 0.2 WIP

14th April, 2008 Posted by: Maturion

CaH4e3 has posted an update regarding the Windows-based Dreamcast emulator Demul on Emu-Russia.

A translated of version of his announcement can be found here.

Source: Emu-Russia