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Developer: Jim Ursetto

Version: 0.1

Last Updated: 14th Dec 2001

A working NES emulator; working, in the sense that it plays most nes games at 30fps with sound or 50-60fps without. And the source code has been made public. Status:

Emulation aspect:

Almost all games work at 30FPS with sound. In fact, the renderer is artificially locked to 30FPS (frameskip = 1).

Without sound, I benchmarked between 50-60 FPS on most games. You can disable sound, vsync and frameskip to achieve these speeds.

Sound works well, but is subject to some artifacts. If game speed drops below 30FPS, sound will break up.

Save games are implemented, but you need dcload and a PC to take advantage. I.e., vmu saving is not supported. Full sourcecode released.

Plain Files