Stella DC

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Stella DC
No Screenshot Available
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version V0.2F
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 04/25/04
Author Svolli
Based on Bradford Mott
(Stella Atari 2600 VCS)
Systems Emulated Atari 2600 VCS
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown


In the menu:

  • Up/Down - Highlight a game
  • Left/Right - Go to next page of games
  • A - Load game

During game:

  • Directional pad or joystick - Move
  • A - Fire
  • Y - Toggle Difficulty A/B
  • B - Toggle Black and White/Color
  • X - Select game
  • Start - Reset game
  • L+R - Exit to menu
  • B, X, Start, and L+R only work on the first controller