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Homepage Homepage
Latest Version V0.2F
Downloads Plain Files
Release Date 04/25/04
Author SvOlli
Based on Bradford Mott
(Stella Atari 2600 VCS)
Systems Emulated Atari 2600 VCS
Best Available Emulator
For this system(s)?
Active No
Refresh Rate Unknown

StellaDC is the best Atari 2600 emulator for Dreamcast. It is based on Stella and was ported by German Dreamcast developer SvOlli. There's sound while emulating games and DCStella runs pretty fast. Unfortunately there are problems with many PAL games.


In the menu:

  • Up/Down - Highlight a game
  • Left/Right - Go to next page of games
  • A - Load game

During game:

  • Directional pad or joystick - Move
  • A - Fire
  • Y - Toggle Difficulty A/B
  • B - Toggle Black and White/Color
  • X - Select game
  • Start - Reset game
  • L+R - Exit to menu
  • B, X, Start, and L+R only work on the first controller