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Sonic Robo Blast 2
Title Screen
Homepage Homepage
Latest Version 1.09b4
Downloads Plainfiles
Release Date Unknown
Author AlamGBC
Type of game 3rd-Person Platformer
Active Yes
Refresh Rate Unknown


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Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D Sonic fangame based on the DOOM Legacy code base. It was created by a group calling themselves Sonic Team Jr, and the Dreamcast version was ported originally by AlamGBC and LoganGBA.


  • Controller support glitchy. It is recommended that you use a Keyboard.
  • SDL framerate average of 10fps.
  • Memory issues cause crashing after playing several consecutive maps.
  • There's no sound yet.


  • SRB2 PC 1.09.4 - Win32 Exe
    (Contains needed datafiles)


How To Burn SRB2DC

Blaze Hedgehog's guide for burning SRB2DC

(Mostly a ripoff of Digiku's SRB2DC burning guide.)

STEP 1: Grab the Elf/bins from the first page of this topic. Extract these to a folder. For example. C:\srb2dc\

STEP 2: Grab the SRB2 1.09 Demo from Extract the following files to the same directory as the elf\bin (C:\srb2dc\): 3drend.dll, config.cfg, gamedata.dat, drill.dta, music.dta, soar.dta, zim.dta, knux.plr, sonic.plr, tails.plr, srb2.srb, auto.wpn, bomb.wpn, home.wpn, infn.wpn, and rail.wpn. If you have other SRB2 wads you'd like to try with it, put these here, too. (For example, scr_mysticrealm4.wad or sasrb2.wad)

STEP 3: Grab BootDreams. Extract it to something like, C:\bootdreams\.

STEP 4: Open Bootdreams (bootdreams.exe). In "Please Select Folder", enter your SRB2DC directory (C:\srb2dc). I used Nero, Track-at-Once, and I left the CD/Volume Label alone. Hit "Create Image". It should tell you there is no IP.bin, either - tell it to create one.

STEP 5: When your ISO (in my case, DREAMCAST-TAO.nrg) is created, open your burning program (Nero) and burn. It is reccomended you burn at or under 16x speed, as higher speed burning can cause some problems, depending on your burner.

STEP 6: Pop the freshly burned disc into your Dreamcast and enjoy! You can press tab on your Dreamcast Keyboard to bring down the console and play with any of the other WADs you burned with SRB2DC. (addfile *.wad)