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This interview was taken in 2001 by Wraggster. So what made you you decide to work on a emulator for the Sega Mastersystem?

SS_teven: Mainly because at the time, when I started to begin development, there wasnt any Master System emulators out. DreamSMS was out, but that only supported Game Gear. And since I remember playing Road Rash and Sonic I thought it would be a good system to emulate. How long have you spent working on this project?

SS_teven: I'd probably say about 6 hours a day for the past 2 months. (I'm a little slow ;) heh, long nights here and there ' ' How long have you been involved in the dreamcast scene?

SS_teven: I actually only got my Dreamcast to start programming, (call me a freak if u will ;) and that was back in May 2001. I'm interested, what is the future of sms plus?

SS_teven: At the moment, the future looks pretty good. I have heaps of new ideas to put in SMS Plus! Care to give away some of your ideas?

SS_teven: Not at this moment, as they are just 'ideas', and i am still deciding weither to put these features in or not. What problems have you had and how did you overcome them?

SS_teven: The main problems I've encountered are speed. The DC is a powerful machine and has some complex operations, and plus Ive only just started out programming, so im new at this :P I have overcome speed in the past week, the main thing was my bitmap was set to 16bit, not 8bit, which slowed it down by 30fps. Sound is probably the hardest part of the DC that one would encouter, and i still havnt overcome this yet, current beta has heaps of sound bugs, but it works. When this project is done do u you see yourself working on any other emu's or possibly porting an open source game?

SS_teven: Im not quite sure about games, but i wouldnt mind starting another emulator. Gameboy and Commodore 64 are two things that pop in my mind ;) Thank you for your time SS_teven

SS_teven: Thanks :D, nice talking to you